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Fine Art Child Portraits

Every child is unique! The way they speak, their laugh, all their different facial expressions, how they stand or sit... it's these little details that you want to capture and remember in years to come. 

By taking the time to get to know the children and giving them a chance to relax and have fun, we can show their unique character in a photoshoot. Capturing photos that show different sides of their personality and a whole range of their natural expressions.

PORTRAIT noun | por·​trait

Definition : a likeness, representation or impression of a person

A great portrait is so much more than a photograph. It tells you more about a person than what they look like, it reveals something about them as an individual. For us one of the best compliments we could hear is "that's so them" when families see something uniquely personal in a portrait.

We like to keep things simple so that nothing distracts from the children we photograph and the photos stand the test of time in your home. Often we use minimalist backgrounds, but we also love using the unique features of our studio in a 16th Century Manor House. The stonework and windows add a depth of history to so many photos and work so well in black and white.

Photographs are always at the top of the list when people are asked what they would save from a fire, and it’s not hard to understand why. They are irreplaceable collections of memories. We at Foxlow Photography have treasured albums on our shelves and frames on our walls filled with photos of our families. It’s a wonderful tradition that we want to continue for ourselves and our clients.

Portraits were traditionally the centrepiece of your living room wall mounted in a wooden frame, but as our family lives and architecture are evolving, your options are opening up. Over the last ten years we've helped hundreds of families personalise their home with beautiful portraits of their children and have put together some of our top tips in our E-Book, Foxlow's Guide to Purchasing Portraits For Your Home.

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To Purchasing Portraits For Your Home

Photographs are hugely emotional things for us all. The most powerful portraits can make us feel exactly what the subject is feeling and remind us just how much they mean to us now and forever. It's also amazing to see the positive effect that portraits can have on a child's confidence.

Are they approaching a special Birthday?
Have they just changed schools?
Are they going through a difficult time?
Have they changed their personal style?
Are they growing up too quickly?

Every child's photoshoot begins with a story, but you don't need an excuse! You can book a fine art photoshoot simply to celebrate who they are today and everything that brought them here.


My daughter Amelia is a talented young musician whose whole life revolves around her passion for music.


She was extremely ill over the festive period and is slowly recovering from this illness, this photo shoot was great fun. It allowed Amelia to have a giggle and enjoy being the centre of attention again, she was made to feel special and herself once more.


We are thrilled with the quality of the images and more importantly Amelia loves them. Thank you Foxlow Photography for making Amelia smile.


I can't recommend Foxlow Photography enough... an incredible experience from start to finish.


Both Dani and Jon gave us 5* service and excellent communication throughout the process, from our first friendly conversation to the photography session. All the photographs are amazing and it is nearly impossible to pick our favourites... Jon has been superb with my son who has additional needs, due to his relaxed manner.


My son has immensely enjoyed his experience and wants to go back again. So thank you very much for giving us such wonderful photographs of my beautiful boy. I can not believe he is a natural!

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